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Latest Planning Applications...

Live applications for the Parish of Cley will be posted below


NNDC Planning Website 

For the latest updates on the above planning applications, including decision notices please the North Norfolk District Council website below; ​

Local Plan - Examination 

NNDC's Draft Local Plan is now undergoing independent examination. More information is available on the NNDC website

Cley Parish Council have two adopted policies which may be relevant to planning matters;

CPC Planning Policy - Adopted March 2023

Cley's Code of Construction Practice

Cley's Dark Skies Policy 

Cley is in a Conservation area and an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the NNDC Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan can be viewed below; 

NNDC Conservation Plan - Cley 

Cley Parish Council Planning Policies

Determined Planning Applications - Decision Notices 

PF/24/0142 - Greystones - APPROVED

PF/24/0262 - Barn north of Saltmarsh Cottage - APPROVED 

PF/24/0161 - Hillrise Cottage - APPROVED

PF/24/0101 - Arcady  - APPROVED

PF/23/2331 Clare Cottage - APPROVED

PF/23/2385 - Claia Bourne - WITHDRAWN

PF/23/2014 Dawn Cottage - APPROVED

PF/23/1952 - Green Farm - APPROVED

PF/23/1854 - Wrights Yard Cottage - APPROVED

PF/23/1586 - West Cottage - APPROVED

PF/23/1346 - Fairstead Cottage - APPROVED 

LA/23/1176 - Manor House - APPROVED

PF/23/0168 - Holly House - APPROVED 

APP/Y2620/C/19/3236385 - APPEAL DISMISSED

PF/23/1043 Hammer Hill, Bridgefoot Lane

NMA/23/0687 - Green Barn - APPROVED

PF/23/0304 - The Saltings - APPROVED

PF/23/0853 - Woodcock Yard, Holt Road - 

PF/23/0705 Solveig The Fairstead - 

PF/23/001 - Cookes Marsh Barn - REFUSED

PF/23/0067 - 2 Zetland Cottages - APPROVED

LA/23/0340 - The Old Manor House, High Street, Cley - APPROVED

PF/22/1843 West Cottage, New Road, Cley  REFUSED

 PF/23/0304 - The Saltings  - APPROVED

NP/23/0374 - Green Farm, Bridgefoot Lane, Cley - REFUSED

PF/22/2344 The Sheilings Stable - APPROVED

LA/22/2727 The Old Stable, Old Hall Farm Barns- APPROVED

PF/22/3006 - Bird Cottage, Newgate Green  - APPROVED

PF/22/1779 Marsh Cottage, Newgate Green - APPROVED

PF/22/1779 Marsh Cottage, Newgate Green - APPROVED

PF/22/2045 The Gables, Church Lane - APPROVED

PF/22/2068 Larchmount - APPROVED

PF/22/1560 Hammer Hill, Bridgefoot Lane - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

PF/22/0429 Holly House  - APPROVED 

PF/22/0909 Larkoway, Holt Road - APPROVED

PF/22/1227 Swan Lodge -  APPROVED

PF/22/1488 Middle House -  APPROVED

PF/22/1535 Bean Cottage  - APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

PF/22/1332 The Watch House  - APPROVED

PF/22/1174 Curlew Cottage  - APPROVED

PF/22/1152 Woodland View - APPROVED

PF/22/1091 Green Barn, Holt Road  - REFUSED

PF/22/0029 Lane House, Old Post Office Lane - APPROVED

PF/22/0009 Barn at the Cottage, Dawes Loke APPROVED

PF/21/3386 - Three Swallows, Newgate Green APPROVED

PF/21/3398 & la/21/3399 - Church Barn, 3 Newgate Farm Barns APPROVED

RV/21/2583 - Arcady, Holt Road, Cley REFUSED

RV/21/2765- The Flat, Old Rectory Farm (removal of condition) APPROVED

PF/21/2690 - Droxford, Holt Road, Cley  APPROVED

PF/21/2536 - Old Rectory Farm, Holt Road, Cley  APPROVED

PF/21/2188 - Land at Cooks Marsh, Holt Road, Cley  - WITHDRAWN

PF/21/2342 - Middle House, Holt Road, Cley  APPROVED

PF/21/2401 - Clare Cottage, Hilltop, Cley  APPROVED 

PF/21/2759 Rectory Hill Barns, Cley   APPROVED

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